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For my very first post here I would like to thank Chris Brunning, a friend who created this website. He did a great job me thinks.
Next, Please check into my upcoming book Evergreen. Its a benefit project for old-growth forests. 96% of profits from all books sold are to be donated to Environmental organizations that are working to help protect, preserve and rehabilitate our last remaining ancient forests. Its my life work and I am raising funds now to get it printed.
 Also I would like to inform anyone, everyone, that I’ll be away from my computer and all the ability to market my prints and art; except for to promote the book “Evergreen” I will be away till late September or even mid-October. I will be traveling in the northwest, visiting the Redwoods; perhaps to try to promote my book..
 Please hold on to your purchase ideas till then, and I’ll be very happy to work with you on getting some art to your door soon after that.
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Here are three albums I was fortunate to have my art presented on.